Filipino Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken Curry

This chicken curry recipe is made in Filipino style of cooking. This curry recipe is one of the filipino dish that we usually prepare in every birthdays and parties when we were still in the Philippines. And now, that we’re here in Canada, this chicken dish is still one of our favorites during special occasions or even just in our common meals because my family loves it. They said that when they start eating this alpha pharma chicken curry, you’ll feel a little burning sensation in their mouth and wow really spicy delicious.

Ingredients :

  • 2-3 tbsp. oil
  • 3 potatoes, peeled, quartered and fried
  • 1 lb. chicken, cut into serving pieces
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1 large onion, quartered
  • 1 tbsp. patis (fish sauce)
  • 3 tbsp. curry powder
  • salt and pepper
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 red bell pepper, cut into big squares
  • 1 green bell pepper, cut into big squares
  • 3 celery stalks, cut into 1-1/2” long
  • 1 cup coconut milk or evaporated milk
(Cooking Conversions)

Cooking Procedures :

  1. Pan fry potatoes. Set aside.
  2. In the same pan, fry chicken pieces and brown a little.
  3. Add garlic and onion. Sauté for a few minutes until soft.
  4. Pour in patis and season with curry powder, salt and pepper. Stir for 2 minutes.
  5. Add water. Cover and bring to a boil. Lower the heat; add celery, bell peppers and fried potatoes. Simmer for 3 minutes or until half done.
  6. Add milk and stir occasionally. Cook for another 7 minutes (or lesser when using evaporated milk because the buy testosterone cypionate liquids will curled).
  7. Remove from heat. Serve hot.
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  1. Sabine Beyer says:

    last friday I made your chicken curry as an example filipino dish in our assembly for the World Day of Prayer here in Germany. Every year we try to cook some of the fine dishes from countrys all over the world.
    In preparation of this occasion, I found your site and its a Joy to read and learn about filipino cooking.
    Your Chicken Curry is delicious. even without patis (I could get only a Thai fish sauce) And I add a lot more coconut milk, so it was more like a Stew and many peole could try it.
    This wasn’t my last visit on your site and especially this recipe is a new favorite of mine and also my husband find yummy, yummy
    Greetings from Germany, Sabine

  2. ely magallanes says:

    Your recipes are simple to cook but is super


    this resipi that i choose is a filipino resipi it taset good and healty

  4. Bing says:

    I made this twice already. My bf likes it.
    Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  5. Harold John Calvan says:

    its my first time to cook chicken curry…actually im cooking itat this very moment…thanks a lot!

  6. marlyn says:

    Thanks a gonna try to cook today…

  7. jinky says:

    thanks for the help

  8. Norman J. Soria says:

    Thanks for the instructions and guidelines.

  9. Jaclyn says:

    Thanks for this! I cooked it this week & my family loved it! My sister even asked how i cooked this! c”,

  10. Kururugi says:

    Am gonna try this now…

  11. Zandra says:

    It’s so easy. made me come to think of it to cook this for my family this sunday if this recipe approved to them I’ll add it to our sunday recipe.

  12. Caryl says:

    I tried this recipe at home using evaporated milk and still it’s yummy! Thanks for posting this.

  13. Alishya says:

    The best, you guys should try it.

  14. crazy me says:

    coconut milk + spiciness of curry = mouthwatering dish

  15. Jhanly :) says:

    Thanks for posting this recipe! 🙂

  16. tami says:

    thanks .. may ulam na kami ngayon dinner hehe hirap magisip ng ulam

  17. shine says:

    hi guys, i just want to ask, how’s the flavor if you used evaporated milk instead of coconut milk? is the flavor still the same? thanks.

    • rosalind says:

      Nothing beats coconut milk . . .

  18. natsu says:

    i followed the instructions til the end.. first time ko magluto ng tsiken curry… this site rocks!

  19. jay says:

    one of my favorites dishes – chicken curry (or anything curry.. lol)
    unfortunately im the only one in the family who likes curry dishes so we dont get to eat this all the time :(.
    love the pic, made me hungry… lol

  20. May says:

    Thank you po sa pag post on how to cook chicken curry! I really like this cuisine. God Bless

  21. YAN says:

    got to try this today, made a few stumbles, i undercooked the potatoes, & overcooked the onions and bellpepper, but i fixed the potato part, no more problem from there, and must I say, my sibs loved it, & bro even said, “finally, real food” which is one giant complement from a kid who’s personal quote is “me and bad food don’t mix well together” ^_^

    thanks for the wonderful recipe

  22. armz says:

    hai chicken curry is my favorite

  23. zenaida santos says:

    salamat sa madaling intindihin na recipe.more recipes pls.!!!

  24. teresita says:

    what a wonderful recipe,my boss and his family love it,

  25. teresita says:

    thanks for the recipe u save my day,my boss ask me to cook chicken curry today,
    i search in this site i cook and they love it,i love this site and i will always get my recipe here. tnx again and godbless u all..

  26. roxanne says:

    Thanks for this recipe! Just cooked it today. Love it!

  27. vanny says:

    Thanks for sharing this recipe.Posting of filipino recipes are really appreciated,i’ve got what i want for best chicken curry…i love this site…. God Bless:)

  28. Jay Costan says:

    Just the perfect food recipe we’ve been looking for. My sibling and I have been brainstorming what would the best food to cook and it’s been a while since we had Chicken Curry for dinner.

    This really helps! More power.

  29. marlon says:

    Salamat po sa pag share nito, this is my first to cook chicken curry 🙂

  30. shela says:

    Really thankful this site.. it refreshes my kitchen skills.. love it!!! more power to you!!!

  31. geneva says:

    …this recipe,got what i want f0r the best filipino style chicken curry.thanks for it!

  32. taTa_unO26 says:

    tnx sa pag-post ng mga filipino recipes!
    malaking tulong talaga sa pagluluto!
    sana more recipes pa ang -post nyo!
    god bless!

  33. alcyon says:

    this dish is really awesome, mpapa-ow k tlga! i just finished cooking it, and it’s really good! thanks for sharing your version of chicken curry! only, iv been cooking this dish, bt not as good as now.. only pki-set aside din po ung green and red peppers or, pwede dn ilagay on the last 2 min till it’s done, don’t over cook the vegetables.. 🙂

  34. liezle says:

    sobrang sarap ng kinalabasan ng luto ko..
    thank you very much…

  35. christine says:

    wow i have spent my time doing this curry and i have so much fun i love it. i really really really really really love it my points for this is 1000000000000000000000000000000000%%%%%%%%%%

    totally good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. notnot says:

    tnx a will love this curry

  37. Jec says:

    It’s really delicious!chicken curry is one of my favorites since when i was a child & this recipe of yours is the best!
    Thank you very,very much!!!

  38. Cecille says:

    I wanna try this recipe for my love ones especially sa akong Langga… ♥

  39. Izan says:

    I will try this one out, it looks delicious!

  40. junnie sern says:

    thanks for the recipe, when i was cooking it makes everybody very hungry.
    nice to have this site, thanks again.

  41. jan says:

    tnx for the site now i have my project ^^ im 2nd year high school

  42. jayson says:

    pagkalami gayod sa pagkaon,salamat sa recipe.

  43. mirasol says:

    thank you for sharing your recipes……i simply love cooking!!!

  44. carol says:

    really delicious with a little ginger added. thanks for this site!

  45. jjgab says:

    thanks to this site! with this i made my mother smile and hug me by cooking this dish. thanks

  46. ramil sulit says:

    mlaking tulong ang mga recipe na ito dahil dito khit anong ulam ang parang gusto kong mkain hindi ko kailangang magtanong kung kanino thru internet at website na ito satisfied ako sa klase ng mga luto dito. more power to all… God bless

  47. christian says:

    masarap ..dahil dito nalaman nmin kung papano to lutuin ng mas maayos at masarap ..

  48. shieroh says:

    hai salamat sa web na i2,dahil naipasa ko exam q in how to cook chiken curry

  49. Mamoda says:

    hello…..i love chicken curry food but i dont know how to cook…. bcoz of this website nlaman ko na kung pano lutuin ito…..god bless…….. taste good……

  50. Gabriel says:

    Thanks for sharing this information and God Bless.

  51. lloyd says:

    thanks for the recipe this the best, for sure my mom gonna like it, god bless you all and more bessing to come ^_^

  52. Japoks says:

    I just tried this and it’s delicious! Use Coconut Milk for best results!

  53. ruby brown says:

    the best first try and my american husband likes it.thanks a lot.

  54. elena says:

    chicken curry is one of the favorite dish of my children thanks for sharing your recipe i will try to cook this for them

  55. Lou says:

    Hi, for you made and published all the recipe in this website ” Your a star” coz your’e making my life easier,me and bro are OFW most of the time were just buying food from outside or happy with can goods, fried egg. Now our life change im always excited to cook and were having healty food, were not missing a lot of food’s Philippines. Last time we went for vaction in Phil., i cook for mom she’s so happy.
    For you my star, thanks a lot!!! please publish more of your recipe.

    More Power

  56. choti says:

    nice website! tnx for the recipes…

  57. princess mejia katipunan says:

    thank you po at ma22to na po akong magluto ng chiken curry GOD BLESS PO

  58. Danydel Barzaga Jubasan says:

    This is the 2nd time that I used the recipe in this Website…I’m really thankfull that it make my dishes to be good….hope to learn more in this Website… More Power & God Bless ^_^

  59. maricel says:

    hi!i dont know how to cook,,,but i love to cook chicken curry coz may boyfriend favorite dish…thank you very much!!!for sharing…

  60. bimboo says:

    tanx for your style,its a big help for me when cooked chicken curry

  61. Mary Ann says:

    So far, I’ve cooked about 3 dishes from this website and I find it very helpful and easy especially for a beginner. Keep up the good work and more recipes to come! 🙂

  62. marivic says:

    thank you for the recipe of chicken curry i wish that i can cook good.

  63. bene says:

    Great recipe i have been wondering for quite sometime now how to make chicken curry. Thanks so much!!

  64. xiaomimii says:

    its my first time to cook 🙂

  65. xiaomimii says:

    ty for the recipe i hope my boifriend love it 🙂
    its his favorite dish 🙂

  66. ed says:

    Nice recipe… family loved it. TY

  67. amelyn calido says:

    thanx 4 d recipe..

  68. glengrunge says:

    hi there who ever you are, WHO EVER made this awesome website, just want to thank you so much and appreaciate all your Filipino recipe, im 28 yrs old Male from New Zealand (filipino) heheh dont know how to cook, so i ask my mom or my sister if they can teach me how to cook my favorite GINILING! last Sunday, omg so freakin easy! and after dat i feel like u know addicted to cooking hahaha filipino food! and i was so very happy i made my 1st ever cook ever! and that was GINILING! so im gonna try all your recipe hope it works! tnx a lot GOD BLESS YOU! PS. I LOVE LAMB CURRY ALL CURRY FOOD FIL. STYLE. this is definitely my 2nd target to cook. wish me luck CHeers mite!

  69. jukka mae villacin says:

    dati hindi ako marunong ngayon sobrang galing konang magluto ng chicken curry dahil sa tulong nitong site na ito……..

  70. rayson serrano says:

    yeah chicken curry was great,,first tym i cooked it its awsome delicious……..thanx

  71. jen says:

    thanks for the recipe, this is the 1st time I tried cooking curry and yet it’s so yummy!!! thanks for sharing and more power!

  72. jec says:

    Chicken curry is one of my favorite filipino dish.following your recipe makes me appreciate more how delicious it is!thank you so much for sharing your simple yet the best recipe ever!

  73. mariz rebulado says:


  74. LvernZ says:

    this is the best chicken cook style that i love especially when my
    father’s the one who cooks it!! =)

  75. Abby says:

    Hi! I love cooking, but curry is the only Filipino food that I’m not familiar to cook. It’s because my boyfriend’s favorite dish.. Thank you for the simple and easy way to cook chicken curry.♥

  76. Cathy says:

    Chicken curry is my favorite dish. I love to cook and always cook this for my family and friends. I tried your recipe and its really yummy. Thank you for sharing this. Hope you can share some other recipes. More Power!!!

  77. Elexis says:

    I am not really a fun of curry because of its smell but to feed my curiosity, I tried your recipe and to my surprise I actually liked it!Thank you very much for sharing. God bless and more power.

  78. elaine says:

    ,,Ill try my best para magluto ng chicken curry,,hehe,,ty

  79. Cedric says:

    Just finished cooking your recipe, and just waiting for the rice to cook and it’s lunch mania here in my house. excited to devour this succulent meal… tasted the sauce first… and I must admit everything seems to be in place, the curry taste is not strong… just right. The taste is just remarkable… kudos to you. thanks for sharing this. Just added carrots and corn kernels… so the kids here would have a little more vegetalbes in their diet.

  80. lana medina says:

    I’ll try to cook this chicken curry…wish me luck!

  81. kath says:

    i also tried it and it taste really good. thanks for the Filipino Chicken Curry Recipe, its a simple recipe yet its so yummy. 🙂

  82. dj says:

    this helped me a lot! salamat

  83. florabel says:

    from all the chicken curry I´ve ever tasted, filipino recipe is the best! Super yummy!!!

  84. anika says:

    masarap talaga ang chicken curry kaya nga ito palagi ang linuluto ng mama ko hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ang sarap

  85. anika k. montemayor says:

    ang chicken curry ang paboritong lutuin ng mommy ko

  86. Jun Rey says:

    so easy and very nice dish.

  87. Jlyn says:

    No doubt! The filipino style of chicken curry is by far the best!

  88. clarisse says:

    the chicken curry for me it also the best because this is an very delisyoso

  89. Lou says:

    I’m from england and I have just finished cooking chicken curry and it’s so yummy delicious.. FANTASTIC recipe.. well done to FILIPINO PEOPLE..

  90. Ces Magnaye says:

    try this:
    1.lutuin mo ung manok sa gata tapos lagyan mo ng itlog at carnation evap.

    2.tapso mo ung mga spices, bawang, sibuyas, red bell pepper, at saka powdered black pepper.

    3. at lagyan mo ng “Del Monte” chicken curry powder.

    4. mix it up, SUPER SARAP !! mas masarap din kapag may patatas at saka ung espada( sili na mahaba ).

  91. danilo galang says:

    this is my favorite food curry chicken

  92. Rhona says:

    I am a filipina, I tried to cook chicken curry…I love it when my boyfriend loves to eat it all. Yay! Thank you for helping me to cook very easy.

  93. marcela says:

    its easy to do.. i just tried it.. thank you

  94. maharlika says:

    woww.asubukan nga ngayong lunch. i already have all the ingredients=)Thanks!

  95. Mercy says:

    Thanks for this not so complicated recipe. Will be using this from now on.

  96. Maida says:

    love it!!! just fnished cooking and its darn bringing some for a friend tomorrow for lunch..thanks very much..guess im lucky i came to ths site..more trying some of ur recipes the next time ill cook..

  97. zarah says:

    I love it! my favorite ulam now is chicken curry 🙂 thanks 4 d recipe!

  98. ken.shel says:

    yeahh i will try this chicken curry tonight looks yummy..

  99. Sheila Marie says:

    thank you so much…i’ll try this recipe tonight when i get home.looks like its easy to prepare.

  100. Priscilla Bachman says:

    I have been meaning to try this recipe, and finally I did it! It was worth the wait. Delicious, thanks for sharing the chicken curry recipe :-). Marami pong salamat.

  101. johanna says:

    the first time i went online and searched for “filipino style chicken curry” this website came up and i have to say i have been using this chicken curry recipe ever since. its quick and easy and tastes really good! i love it!! 🙂

  102. Donatrine Castro says:

    Chicken curry is one of my favorite menu..but i want to ask..about the curry it one type only of curry powder?

    • Sel says:

      Yep, I just use the plain curry powder.

  103. Demiano Stefanelli says:

    Hi. I tried your recipe and it was good. I had already made a version of it that was Cuban-Chinese: using 3″ wide cuts of thin chicken cutlets, potatoes skinned and cut in the shape of silver dollars, and wide cuts of yellow onion. It is all sauteed in oil and garlic, on cup of water added along with one teaspoon of soy sauce and one tablespoon of curry powder. I also like it. Because of its cholesterol content, I do not use coconut milk. For those who may also be concerned about this, I recommend using plain Greek natural yogurt. It is delicious and healthier. People either love curry or they hate it. I find it addicting. Sige Poh….

  104. Paolo says:

    Nice.. i’ll try to cook this one 🙂


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